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2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

SCFNCF - Florence National Cemetery Florence

Deliveries to Cross Dock Facilities


2016 WAA Delivery Locations - 

SCBNCB - Beaufort National Cemetery

NYRHCC - Raymond Hill Cemetery

NYVVLS - Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Lasdon Park

MDESVH - Eastern Shore Veterans Cemetery

IASXMG - Sioux Center Memory Gardens

NEFMNM - Fort McPherson National Cemetery

NEMHCV - Mt. Hope Cemetery

SDBLNS - Black Hills National Cemetery

NEELWC - Elwood Cemetery

IAMTTA - Mt. Auburn Area

SDFMNS - Fort Meade National Cemetery 

CASCVM - Sacramento County Veterans Memorial Cemetery 

CASTMV - St. Mary's Veterans Cemetery

CASVVS - Sonoma Valley Veterans Memorial Park

CAUNBW - Union Cemetery

CALANL - Los Angeles National Cemetery

CASJNG - San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery

UTTQTC - Tonaquint Cemetery

UTSBPC - Shivwits Band of Paiutes Cemetery

CAAACA - Alamo Cemetery

CAABCD - Auburn Cemetery District

NVSVMB - Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery 

CALGHV - Gate of Heaven

CACSHC - Calvary - Sacred Heart Cemetery

CAIOOF - Odd Fellow Cemetery

CASJBC - San Juan Bautista Cemetery

CACCCV - Clovis Cemetery

CAACDC - Academy Cemetery

CARBCC - Red Banks Cemetery

MTFMPC - Fort Missoula Post Cemetery

MTWMVC - Western Montana State Veterans Cemetery 

MTGMGK - Glacier Memorial Gardens Cemetery

MTCHCF - Montana Veterans Home Cemetery

MTYSVC - Yellowstone National Cemetery

MTEMCM - Eastern Montana State Veterans Cemetery 

COLJFC - Fairview & Calvary Cemetery

COFCLC - Fairmount Cemetery

COFLNL - Fort Lyon National Cemetery

COCSVC - Colorado State Veterans Cemetery

NMLGPC - Guaje Pines Cemetery

NMSNCS - Santa Fe National Cemetery

NMHCGU - Hillcrest Cemetery

AZSJSJ - St. Johns City Cemetery

AZCJMV - Cpl. Joe McCarthy Veterans Memorial

AZEERC - Eagar Cemetery

AZSSPV - Springerville Cemetery

AZSTJC - St. Johns Catholic Cemetery

CASCVM - Sacramento County Veterans Memorial Cemetery

CASVVS - Sonoma Valley Veterans Memorial Park

CATPCT - Tracy Public Cemetery

CAJSVC - Sunset View Cemetery

NVNVMF - Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery 

WYCMGC - Cheyenne Memorial Gardens Cemetery

WYMVPC - Mountain View Memorial Park

WYBLCC - Beth El Cemetery

WYWCVW - Wheatland Municipal Cemetery & Veterans Monument

WYOTCE - Oregon Trail Veterans Cemetery

WYMPCG - Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

ORBGWC - Greenwood Cemetery

ORWNCP - Willamette National Cemetery

WAMVWW - Mountain View Cemetery

ORDMGB - Deschutes Memorial Gardens

WAEMGV - Evergreen Memorial Gardens

WACCCM - Camas Cemetery

WADLMP - Desert Lawn Memorial Park

WICVMK - Central Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery

COFLND - Fort Logan National Cemetery

NYLINC - Long Island National Cemetery

MDCVCE -  Crownsville Veterans Cemetery

VAQNCT - Quantico National Cemeteries

TXDFWN - Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery

TXFSHS - Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

FLNCBU - Florida National Cemetery

COOHMC - Olinger Highland Mortuary and Cemetery

Delivers to Cross Dock Facilities